“A Chance for Everyone” Association

Social Economy Projects

“Sustainable businesses in a solidary society”

  • Two structures of social economy have been established: „AgroTurism Center” and „Bistro-Chef”;
  • Both social enterprises are training centers that support vulnerable people to develop theoretical and practical abilities that help them find a new job.

“A Chance for Everyone” Association provided:

  • training certificates for cooks, waiters, room attendant, lodge manager for 100 beneficiaries out of which 90% are vulnerable people.

Social Responsibility Projects:

  • 5 vulnerable families have received packages with basic food items through the fundraising campaign initiated in collaboration with the Pastoral Center „St. Mahrama” – „Together for a better life”, in the months of February, March and April 2014;
  • Equipping the center for physically challenged children „St. Andrew” with carpet and mattresses for the playing center;
  • 25 families with 100 children living in Urșița village have received donations consisting in clothing, shoes and toys for adults and children and Christmas presents (sponsors: The Club of Young Experts Accounts Iași, Conest, Iașisting);
  • Supporting the fundraising campaign for prematurely born children (Save theChildren);
  • „23 rules for success” training held by Florin Smeu and Florin Murariu for youths from the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Highschool and Economical College in Iași during the „Different School” Week;
  • Career orientation sessions held by conf. univ. dr. Istrate Costel, president of Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania, Mirabela Miron, Vice-president and Mihaiela Crușitu, Executive Director.
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