Business philosophy

The basic CONCEPT of our philosophy is to establish long-term partnerships with both our clients and our employees according to ethical and mutual respect principles.

Our VISION is to contribute substantially to the development of a healthy business environment based on ethical principles. We intend to promote social responsability within companies for a long-term positive impact on the evolution of the Romanian society.

Our MISSION is to support our clients to consolidate and develop their business by offering outsourcing services and specialized business management consultancy.

Our success is the success of our entire team, which is why we provide excellent conditions to our employees for their personal and professional development.

Our values

ETHICS AND PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY – we observe the consultants’ code of ethics and we further ethics in business in all our consultancy missions and in all our business.

RESPONSABILITY – we are responsible for our actions and for the solutions we offer.

LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS – we invest long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and professionalism, both with clients and our employees.

ADDED VALUE – we fully dedicate to projects in which we are convinced that we can bring extra-value trough our competences and expertise.

SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT – we fully commit to our social projects, and we actively contribute to the development of our community by changing the life of vulnerable people for the better.

How can we help you?

AVISSO ensures the professional risk management of a business from the start of the project to the expansion and consolidation of the product or service portfolio.