Accounting services

Through integrated business solutions, AVISSO offers financial-accounting services:

  • Financial Audit;
  • Financial Consultancy;
  • Tax Consultancy;
  • Remuneration Services Outsourcing;
  • Accounting Services Outsourcing;
  • Asset Management;
  • Accounting Consultancy for improving financial information for management;
  • Conversion of financial situation according to IFRS.

The team consists of specialists in the assistance of the accounting and financial function, each of them with the expertise in managing vast projects for large companies and for micro-enterprises or newly incorporated firms

All services and solutions are provided promptly and efficiently, and the standard and professionalism are guaranteed by the implementation of the quality management system ISO:9001 and the membership within the Body of Chartered and Licensed Accountants of Romania and the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania.

How can we help you?

AVISSO ensures the professional risk management of a business from the start of the project to the expansion and consolidation of the product or service portfolio.