Mihaela MăriucăManaging Partner

MMAriuca team

Mihaela Măriuca has over 13 years of experience in business consulting. Her areas of expertise include:

– strategic consulting for the development of companies and organizations;

– marketing consulting and market research;

– financial management consultancy;

– project management with non-reimbursable financing.

Her responsibilities within AVISSO are aimed at identifying new business opportunities, developing and managing the SME advisory division. Also, Mihaela Măriuca is involved in consulting projects such as: strategic and organizational management consultancy, business plans and feasibility studies for investment projects, market research and opportunity studies, writing projects for accessing non-reimbursable funds, and managing the implementation of these types of projects.

Her competencies and knowledge in management consultancy are proven by certifications from recognized organizations in the field: MBA – Master of Business Administration, Business Analyst, General Manager, Project Manager, Trainer and Business Coach.

In her extensive consulting experience, she has implemented projects for small and medium-sized companies in the production, trade and services sector in the following areas:

– Business consultancy: business plans, strategic management, business analysis, business development, business strategies, project management;

– Financial management and investment management: project financing, cost estimation and analysis, economic feasibility studies, financial analysis, cost-benefit analysis, economic analysis, project evaluation;

– Marketing management: marketing strategies, market studies, market analysis, market development, launch of new products on the market, promotion and advertising.


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