Mirabela MironPresident & Founder

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For 10 years AVISSO, a company founded by Mirabela Miron, contributes to the development of Iasi business environment, providing services for the support and development of Iasi companies, financial and accounting services, business consultancy and human resources.

A graduate of finance and accounting, Mirabela Miron founded 10 years ago, alongside her husband, Ovidiu Miron, a company specializing in the provision of financial accounting and audit services. The company has started from two clients and has collected over 350 clients in the portfolio so far.

As the president and founder of AVISSO, but also as vice-president of the Body of Chartered Accountants and Authorized Accountants in Romania Iasi Branch and President of the Young Expert Accountants Club in Romania, Mirabela Miron contributed to the development of the Iasi business environment.


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AVISSO ensures the professional risk management of a business from the start of the project to the expansion and consolidation of the product or service portfolio.

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